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I'm Gareth, a freelance Creative Technologist and web developer. In my diverse work as a technologist over the past 5 years, I am lucky to have been a part of what Wired magazine calls "the third wave of computing", finding inspiration and opportunity in the evolution of technologies. In particular, I believe the Internet of Things and Wearables offer a great deal of opportunity to individuals and businesses all over the world and I am committed to continue developing and adapting my skills within this rapidly expanding environment.

As a back end developer, I made time to experiment with devices such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, learning to integrate digital and real worlds and create innovative and rewarding work. This gave me the knowledge and experience necessary for the role of Creative Technologist, where I am better able to utilise my understanding of server architecture, APIs and traditional web technologies to make bold choices in merging digital and physical worlds.

I am hugely passionate about technology and its potential implementations in every aspect of modern day life. While others may complain of information overload, I am excited by the new doors being continuously opened.

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Where've I Been


Burberry: Creative Technologist (2013 - 2014)

Thanks to my experiences with Raspberry Pi and Arduino and my background in web and app development I was brought into the Innovations team at Burberry in 2013.

The role involves researching around key concepts and developing prototypes using electronics such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In finding potential new partnerships for developing new hardware and software, I have established relationships with numerous key players in the tech industry.

Collective London

Collective London: Developer (2012 - 2013)

Working at Collective, I greatly developed my skills and understanding of Zend Framework, Concrete5 and Bash scripting. While developing projects with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, I also improved my skills at Python and basic C.

As a Developer, I was responsible for the creation of servers, the implementation and creation of Content Management Systems and the integration of API’s to many digital projects. In addition, I then took on new responsibilties leading innovation for the company and its clients in order to drive engagement with their brands, utlising the 3D printer, Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

A key role was being responsible for the development of The Buggle, both an app and a piece of hardware that allows users to listen to live music playing in venues around Shoreditch.


AKA UK: Developer (2011 - 2012)

The digital department at AKA was in its infancy when I started, so I led the development team forward with the integration of processes that would be more useful and efficient. This included simple changes such as the migration of domains to a single provider as well as larger projects such as the creation of a website matrix documenting a variety of useful data to aid administration.

After making a number of recommendations, I identified cost savings by migrating our hosting and newsletters, rolling out version control to allow better code maintenance and revision history and implemented a standardised procedure for the development team to enhance collaboration and reliability in deployment.

Finally, I championed the implementation of a more 'white label' approach to development, using WordPress plugins and themes, which allowed the team to easily expand functionality and fix bugs on our apps as we had grown to manage over 40 sites.

NHS Hampshire

NHS Hampshire: Developer (2009 - 2011)

Having joined a team of 4 working with Linux, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, I soon became the only backend developer supporting 10 large sites.

My skills in PHP and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) developed a great deal through this role and I built a substantial understanding of Joomla, Linux, Version Control and Zend Server CE. In addition to technical growth, skills learned in best practices and processes have been hugely influential in driving my advancement.

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